About us

About us

A team with history

makandra is a team of Ruby developers and Linux systems engineers based in Germany. We develop and operate ambitious web applications based on Ruby on Rails. Since our company was established in 2009, we have successfully delivered more than 100 Rails projects. Our site reliability engineers take care of stable operations for more than 100 Rails applications on more than 90 servers. We also provide advice on Amazon Web Service projects.

Our customers stem from a wide variety of industries and range from start-ups to medium-sized businesses to enterprises. Common to all our clients and projects is our technology stack and our approach to technical projects.

Agile approach, long-term thinking

We place high value on stable, technically excellent solutions that stay maintainable for a long time.

We are deeply convinced that automated tests are more than a technical necessity. They contribute positively to the economic bottom line of a software project. This is why we always write tests.

Making processes repeatable is an important part of our culture. That is why we post everything we learn to our knowledge database, makandracards. This way we constantly evolve our best practices and share new findings with the rest of the team.

We pay close attention to the security of our applications and infrastructure. We consistently use open source software, such as Linux on our workstations and servers, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch and Redis for data storage, Apache, nginx and Passenger for HTTP communication. Security patches are applied to these systems on a weekly basis. For critical vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, POODLE or Shellshock we drop everything and patch all systems immediately.

Most of the applications we write for clients are subsequently maintained and operated by our team for many years. Even our oldest applications from 2007 are still tested and patched against known vulnerabilities. And because security is close to our hearts, we provide long-term support for old Ruby on Rails versions through Rails LTS.

Meet our team

Andreas Vöst, Linux Operations, makandra GmbH
Andreas Vöst
Linux Operations
Anna Gwuzdz, Business Development, makandra GmbH
Anna Gwuzdz
Business Development
Arne Hartherz, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Arne Hartherz
Web Development
Bernadette Wunderlich, Back Office, makandra GmbH
Bernadette Wunderlich
Back Office
Bruno Sedler, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Bruno Sedler
Web Development
Carmen Schneider, Business Development, makandra GmbH
Carmen Schneider
Business Development
Claus-Theodor Riegg, Linux Operations, makandra GmbH
Claus-Theodor Riegg
Linux Operations
Daniel Straßner, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Daniel Straßner
Web Development
Dennis Schreiner, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Dennis Schreiner
Web Development
Dominic Beger, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Dominic Beger
Web Development
Dominik Schöler, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Dominik Schöler
Web Development
Emanuel Denzel, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Emanuel Denzel
Web Development
Fabian Rimpl, Business Development, makandra GmbH
Fabian Rimpl
Business Development
Felix Eschey, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Felix Eschey
Web Development
Florian Heinle, Linux Operations, makandra GmbH
Florian Heinle
Linux Operations
Florian Leinsinger, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Florian Leinsinger
Web Development
Henning Koch, Founder & Head of Development, makandra GmbH
Henning Koch
Founder & Head of Development
Jakob Scholz, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Jakob Scholz
Web Development
Johanna Schalk, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Johanna Schalk
Web Development
Julian Hillesheimer, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Julian Hillesheimer
Web Development
Katrin Wiedmann, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Katrin Wiedmann
Web Development
Kim Jahn, Linux Operations, makandra GmbH
Kim Jahn
Linux Operations
Klaus Weidinger, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Klaus Weidinger
Web Development
Marius Schuller, Linux Operations, makandra GmbH
Marius Schuller
Linux Operations
Martin Schaflitzl, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Martin Schaflitzl
Web Development
Max Eisenknöppel, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Max Eisenknöppel
Web Development
Maximilian Berger, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Maximilian Berger
Web Development
Michael Leimstädtner, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Michael Leimstädtner
Web Development
Moritz Kraus, Linux Operations, makandra GmbH
Moritz Kraus
Linux Operations
Natalie Zeumann, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Natalie Zeumann
Web Development
Niklas Hasselmeyer, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Niklas Hasselmeyer
Web Development
Niklas Häusele, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Niklas Häusele
Web Development
Sebastian Lutz, Linux Operations, makandra GmbH
Sebastian Lutz
Linux Operations
Simon Hofmann, Linux Operations, makandra GmbH
Simon Hofmann
Linux Operations
Stefan Langenmaier, Linux Operations, makandra GmbH
Stefan Langenmaier
Linux Operations
Stefan Xenopol, Linux Operations, makandra GmbH
Stefan Xenopol
Linux Operations
Stephan Teichert, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Stephan Teichert
Web Development
Thomas Eisenbarth, Founder & Director, makandra GmbH
Thomas Eisenbarth
Founder & Director
Tobias Kraze, Web Development, makandra GmbH
Tobias Kraze
Web Development

A local agency with global clients

While makandra is based in Germany, a large percentage of our development and operations services is delivered to companies in the United States and the wider European Union.

We are used to working within international teams, communicating remotely with tools like Slack, Skype or appear.in. All our engineers speak fluent English. With an issue tracker like Trello, JIRA, or Pivotal Tracker you always know which stories have been completed and which changes we are currently working on.

Open source at makandra

We are actively contributing to the open source community. On top of more than 3200 guides and tutorials on makandracards we maintain popular Ruby libraries such as active_type, Spreewald, and Consul.

One of our latest and largest open-source projects is Unpoly. Unpoly provides traditional web applications with modern and fast-responding views, without requiring the application to be rebuilt with a complex Javascript frontend framework.

We support these organisations:

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