Audi MediaCenter


Truth in engineering

Audi MediaCenter is the main press hub of Audi Communications. It allows journalists, bloggers, and social media opinion leaders to quickly look up press releases, press kits, photos, videos, and other types of content.

The project was launched in the second half of 2014. makandra was responsible for developing the applications and for implementing the visual design. The objective was to shut down the existing content management solution by June 2015. This required the migration of all existing data and integrations with third party systems. The deadline to launch was met.

makandra has continued to develop the platform since its initial launch. The application is hosted on powerful infrastructure, provided and maintained by us.


Plenty of work, tight schedule

We had to overcome many challenges in order to relaunch Audi MediaCenter: The scheduled shut-down of the existing legacy system left no flexibility for the deadline. At the same time, requirements of many stakeholders had to be implemented: A custom CMS was to be built from the ground up and existing content had to be migrated. Search was to be implemented using a solution provided by Intrafind, and various third party systems had to be integrated through APIs.

Audi IT required penetration testing of the web servers and the application, as well as a number of extra security precautions for the server infrastructure. These requirements were also met in time.

During the course of the project up to five makandra engineers worked on the application at the same time.

Operations and integration of Audi MediaTV

After a successful relaunch of Audi MediaCenter, makandra was tasked to take over operations of Audi MediaTV. Audi MediaTV allows to access video content for the latest technologies, products and live events of AUDI AG.

Initially built as a separate system, makandra integrated Audi MediaTV into Audi MediaCenter in order to provide journalists with a single hub for all types of media.

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