Auto-switching service for electricity and gas tariffs

cheapenergy24 offers an automatic switching service for electricity and gas so that customers are always provided with the best tariff. The switching assistant takes on the entire process, continuously compares different providers and optimizes electricity and gas contracts in due time. cheapenergy24 keeps a share of the savings as commission, decreasing with each optimization.

The makandra team was responsible for relaunching the cheapenergy24 platform.
In addition to redesigning the front and back end, essential contracting processes were digitized and automated as far as possible. makandra also ensures the stable operation of the application.


Optimization of data processing and data maintenance

The goal of the relaunch was to structure the platform more efficiently and intelligently for both visitors and cheapenergy24 employees. Apart from a new layout and improved customer journey, processes "behind the scenes" were optimized. This included adapting and gradually automating the management and maintenance of contracts and customer data. Amongst others, relevant contract data can now be extracted from the providers' mails and processed automatically. Furthermore, tool-based data evaluation was introduced to facilitate business planning and assessment. By relaunching the site with automated contracting processes, cheapenergy24 can now serve their clients in the best possible way - while growing their customer base at the same time.

We are extremely pleased with the implementations of makandra GmbH. Thanks to process automation, we now have more capacity to offer our customers the best possible service and support. We are already looking forward to further cooperation with the makandra team!
Tilo Vieten
Managing Director
cheapenergy24 GmbH

Hosted on makandra‘s high-availability infrastructure

The availability and security of the data managed by the application is essential for cheapenergy24. The entire system runs on makandra's highly available infrastructure - of course located in Germany. All systems are consistently redundant and thus ensure stable operation.

makandra GmbH
Rails development & operations
Melli-Beese-Straße 5
86159 Augsburg, Germany