Building an AWS infrastructure for corify

Corify enables businesses to finalize industrial insurance contracts more easily and quickly. By simplifying and digitizing the insurance business, better risk partnerships are enabled for all participants.

We are delighted that we were chosen to support corify in providing the infrastructure required for their application. Sebastian Titze, CTO at corify, explains why they chose us for this project:

makandra came highly recommended by a colleague from the Hypoport parent company. We were looking for an experienced partner to assist us in the complete reconstruction of a platform infrastructure.
Sebastian Titze

AWS infrastructure according to current best practices

The choice for the infrastructure provider fell on AWS, as it can provide server performance cost-effectively and efficiently. We have gained valuable experience with AWS in several predecessor projects, including a project for a large, federally owned mobility group in Germany.

Our assignment included not only the planning and implementation of the AWS infrastructure and the setup of the server landscape but also the establishment of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). Since the application is based on microservices, the infrastructure had to be designed accordingly.

Instead of traditional Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances, we used Spot Instances. The use of Spot Instances enables an economical and simultaneously high-performing operation of the platform for customers. Spot Instances are ideal for workloads that are flexible and not time-critical, such as CI/CD pipelines.

makandra assisted us in building a completely new platform. Their experience has contributed significantly to the good progress of the project.
Sebastian Titze

Best practices for microservices: infrastructure as code and autoscaling

With Infrastructure as Code, we automated the provisioning and management of the IT infrastructure, making it reproducible and scalable. Additionally, we integrated Autoscaling to ensure that the application can quickly respond to changing requirements while simultaneously optimizing costs through scaling as needed. The infrastructure concept and the operational concept were also worked out by our DevOps experts.

To ensure that all dependencies of the microservices are always up-to-date and that no security issues or incompatibilities arise, we used Renovate. This way, the microservices' dependencies are automatically updated. As Renovate automates the update process, the software quality and stability are improved. The Corify team, to which we handed over the application, thus saves time and effort that would normally be required for manual checks and updates.

We were very satisfied with how the project was implemented. Besides the existing technical know-how, the collaboration was professional, very open, and collegial from the start. Additionally, they proactively helped us in areas not directly related to the infrastructure setup, particularly with compliance and data protection topics.
Sebastian Titze

Security and testing

Ensuring the security of the infrastructure was important to us and corify, so we incorporated automatic security scans.


The project ran from February 2022 to February 2023 and was completed on time and to the full satisfaction of our customer.

We would highly recommend makandra. They assisted us in building a completely new platform, and their experience has contributed significantly to the good progress of the project.
Sebastian Titze

Technologies used

  • GitLab for version control
  • Continuous Integration pipelines for CI/CD
  • AWS for the entire infrastructure
  • Terraform and GitOps for managing Infrastructure as Code
  • Kubernetes for container orchestration
  • Fluent-Bit for sending logs to a central location

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