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Migration from own data center to AWS

As external consultants, we helped a large German corporation to shut down its own data centers and move its entire IT to the cloud. In the process, several hundred applications were migrated to AWS.

Over a period of 2 years, the makandra team was able to contribute significantly to the successful migration of many applications.

Structured in preparation and execution

Before the actual migration of the applications, the assessment and evaluation of each individual application and its interfaces was essential. All potential impacts and challenges of the migration were included in the discussion and coordination with stakeholders and were considered in the migration plans.

The subsequent application migration (on-prem to AWS) was executed by the makandra team according to the planning. In particular, the focus was on sizing the infrastructure, planning and setting up the target infrastructure with IaC, planning and executing the migration, and training the operations teams. In an additional project, makandra was also responsible for planning and implementing the functional and technical monitoring of a high-traffic enterprise service bus.

Migration of the applications during running operations

Due to the sometimes very heterogeneous architecture and complexity of the applications to be migrated, it was necessary to put each application individually to the test and understand it in detail. This was particularly important since the migration was taking place in parallel with ongoing operations and, in addition to high load requirements, there were also high demands on the availability of the applications. The varying skillsets of the customer's technical teams also had to be taken into account.

Through the detailed planning of the target architecture and thanks to the advantages that a cloud environment brings, the makandra team was able to solve all challenges very successfully.

Valuable experience for subsequent application migrations

All migrations for which the makandra team was responsible were carried out as planned and handed over to the customer operations teams on time. The project also resulted in valuable experience for migrations of very numerous business applications in combination with complex IAM, security and network architectures.

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