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We are experts for ambitious digital projects: When off-the-shelf software does not fit your requirements, we are here to help. Whether you require a special kind of content management solution, a custom e-commerce system, or the integration of complex APIs: makandra brings the experience and technical expertise to successfully deliver ambitious digital projects.

Connecting departments, internal IT and third-party service providers

The success of your project is our personal concern. We will take active responsibility together with the specialists in your firm and other service providers like consultants, designers, or product owners. During long-running projects we will keep our eye on the objective. By preparing regular estimates of the remaining effort, we can avoid expensive and unpleasant delays.

Open and honest communication is the basis for successful cooperation. This begins in an early phase of conception and remains essential for the development and operation of your application. We will maintain and evolve your project for as long as you wish.

Case study: Audi MediaCenter

makandra built the main press hub for Audi Communications.

Overcoming technical challenges

Web-based applications are facing numerous challenges. Their implementation requires experts who can advise in complex matters, give reliable assessments, and make the right decisions when necessary.

The application and its integrated services will be accessible from anywhere at any time. Profound knowledge and careful processes are required to secure all systems and services.

Corporate departments are increasingly subject to high demands by their internal IT. This often concerns data security and privacy, but also the scalability and availability of a platform. We bring the required experience and technical expertise to help with these requirements and answer the questions of all stakeholders.

Typical course of a project

We often consult in early phases of a project. This stage is all about developing ideas, thinking about workflows and functionality, and assessing feasibility and costs.

As soon as specific requirements have been defined, we will prepare a detailed cost estimate and recommend a development budget. Your project will then be implemented in an agile and iterative process. Legacy systems will be migrated and the new application will be launched.

Once your project has launched, we are still there for you. We will provide stable and secure operations, maintain your systems, and continue development – for many years, if necessary.

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