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Migration of the hosting infrastructure

HeiaHeia is a digital wellbeing platform used by employers, insurance companies, health providers and public health organisations. It allows virtually anyone to set targets and keep track of your wellbeing in a digital journal, to access digital training programs, and to connect with friends, family and coworkers for support and encouragement. HeiaHeia has been adopted by thousands of wellbeing programs in dozens of countries, increasingly so during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The application, that was previously hosted on AWS, was migrated by the makandra team to their own infrastructure. The main reasons for the migration were lower costs and the possibility to outsource all hosting services to the dedicated DevOps/ SRE team of makandra.

HeiaHeia guides you to set meaningful wellbeing targets and helps you achieve them.

All previous services replicated

Prior to the migration a detailed configuration of the new setup was done. All services previously used on AWS could be implemented. The system architecture was set up and tested within a few weeks. With a short planned downtime, the migration was successfully completed.

After the successful completion of the migration project, we can say that it was the absolutely right decision to work with makandra. The project was perfectly implemented and everything is running smoothly. We were especially happy that all of makandra's SRE/Ops technicians felt part of our team, were very responsive and took care of the application with full dedication. We are looking forward to further cooperation!
Jussi Räisänen

Hosted on makandra‘s high-availability infrastructure

Availability and security of all data was a major requirement for HeiaHeia. The entire environment is running on makandra's high-availability infrastructure in a data center in Germany. By consistently configuring all components for redundancy, we make sure all data is secure and the application is always available.

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