A platform to manage air passenger compensations

justclaims.eu provides airlines with a digital end-to-end solution for handling air passenger claims in a transparent and efficient way. With a high degree of automation, efficient internal and external communication, payment solutions, detailed analytics and reporting as well as an e-billing function, the claims handling process can be centralized and simplified significantly. The platform enables airlines to improve response times to passengers, enhance quality, balance out fluctuations and thus promote customer loyalty.

makandra helped kick-off the project and developed the platform. makandra also provides hosting and maintenance. The first international airline already got on board and is successfully working with the application.


Handling claims in a simple and fast manner

One of the biggest challenges for makandra was to create a powerful application that is also easy to use for air passengers facing stressful situations such as flight delays. The implementation of automated checks and verifications helps airlines to quickly handle the claims. Upon approval, payments to the customers are triggered directly.

Transparent cost management

Bespoke reporting systems help airlines keep track of processing times, payments and other statistics. This allows them to monitor costs and benefits in detail.

When we had the idea to create a claims platform for airlines, we were soon looking for a partner that could take care of the technical implementation. The makandra team convinced us entirely with their extremely professional working manner and outstanding results. We loved working with makandra. They provided us with a powerful application that is already creating great interest within the airlines community.
Ulrich Steppler

Hosted on makandra‘s high-availability infrastructure

Availability and security of all data was a major requirement for the client. The entire environment is running on makandra's high-availability infrastructure in a data center in Germany. By consistently configuring all components for redundancy, we make sure all data is secure and the application is always available.

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