Digital transformation for small businesses


Tapping your potential

Disruptive innovation, changing business models and increasingly complex technologies present major challenges for small and medium-sized businesses.

How can your organization keep up with large enterprises? How can you remain competitive and improve your position? We help SMBs with this defining transformation.

Software is key to success

We strongly believe that any organization can tap its potential by using the right software.

Use a custom application to stand out from your competitors, to increase the quality of your processes and to boost your through-put. High volumes of data can be visualized and provide valuable insights, and help better understand your clients, employees, and company. Stay up to date through automated notifications whenever there is a problem. Using mobile technologies, your data is available wherever you are.

Our applications often provide a mix of these advantages and give you a competitive edge. Together we can find a way towards this goal.

Case study: Pura Building Cleaning

A web application from makandra helped accelerate the business processes of Pura Building Cleaning.

The path to your custom application

We support you and your project from start to finish.

Starting with the initial idea we will analyze your business processes and find potential for optimization. We will design your system, estimate the cost, implement the software, and operate it, safely and reliably. All services are provided from a single source.

  1. Workshop
    During a one- or two-day workshop we will discuss the processes that are to be optimized through software. We ask numerous questions to discover the most effective path towards this objective. While ideas are being discussed, we directly provide assessments of feasibility and costs.
  2. Detailled cost estimate
    Once the workshop concludes we will design mockups of screens we discussed, and prepare a detailed cost estimate. Based on this estimate we will then recommend a budget for the project.
  3. Implementation, discussion of details, testing
    During this phase we will implement your application in close cooperation with you. Our agile development process ensures that requirements can be changed at any time. Week by week you can watch the progress of your software on a test system.
  4. Launch and operations
    Once developed, your application is ready for use in production. We will provide stable and secure operations, maintain your systems, and continue development – for many years, if necessary.

Transparent costs

We are often asked for the costs of a SMB software project. Such projects typically run between 20 and 50 person days.

Software project should not be cheap, they should be successful. Your project is successful if your requirements have been truly understood and implemented, if the software is adding value, and if your application is being operated securely and reliably.

Portrait of Winfried Kern
Development of our Pura App with makandra proceeded with routine and without surprises. All our requirements were recorded during the workshop, and the implementation was completed quickly. Neither budget nor schedule were exceeded.
Winfried Kern
Managing director Pura Building Cleaning

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