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You have a concept for an online service like Airbnb or Basecamp? makandra can help you implement your business idea with minimal cost, so you can validate your product in the marketplace.

Developing an online product with makandra follows a process where your idea gradually becomes more and more concrete as the project progresses. You can course-correct at any time.

Step 1
Initial assessment (60 min)

In a free, initial consultation you can tell us about your business idea. We will provide a first assessment of feasibility and costs. We will highlight ways how you can take the project forward.

Step 2
Workshop (3-5 days)

During one or two days (on-site or remote) we will discuss your project and define a scope for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This MVP is intended to validate your business idea in the market place. It should be small enough to be implemented within the space of 1-3 months. Using the feedback collected you can adapt your concept to meet the requirements of your customers, or scale your application.

After the workshop we will design mockups of the all screens we discussed. We will also prepare a detailed cost estimate. Based on this estimate we will then recommend a budget for the project.

Step 3
Implementation and launch (4-12 weeks)

If you decide to trust us with developing your application, we will divide your requirements into many small user stories. A user story is the smallest possible working packages that delivers business value and can be implemented, accepted and deployed independently. Examples for user stories are "user signs in" or "user creates a new project".

All user stories are kept in a prioritized list (the backlog) which you can view and change. This way you can always check which features have already been completed or which stories we are currently working on.

A streamlined process

We will work through the backlog story by story, using a simple, Kanban-style process. During that period we will keep constant contact with a product owner in your organization. Together with the product owner we will clarify open questions, and discuss priorities and possible shortcuts.

Completed stories will be tested together with your product owner on a testing system. Once accepted, a story can be moved into production at the touch of a button. We will complete feature by feature in this fashion until your application is ready for use.

Transparent costs

Disciplined financial planning is indispensable for a new product. Based on the cost estimate from the workshop, we recommend a project budget you can plan with. During implementation we will frequently discuss costs, suggest shortcuts, and work towards consistent prioritization.

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