Long-term care for Ruby on Rails applications


We run your app so you can run your business

Once an application no longer requires constant development, it still needs periodic maintenance for a stable and secure operation. We offer monthly maintenance contracts that let you focus on your business while we make sure the lights stay on.

makandra maintains more than 60 applications written in all Rails versions from 2.3 to 5.x. Some of the application we care for are as old as 2007, but each is still tested and patched against vulnerabilities on a regular basis.

To ensure the long-term security of our clients' projects, we actively maintain old versions of Rails..

Covered by the maintenance package

Proactive bug fixes
Whenever your application raises an unhandled error, we receive an e-mail and will proactively fix the bug before it causes greater damage or data loss.
Proactive security updates
We monitor Rails security advisories and will quickly patch your application if it is vulnerable. If you are running an unsupported version of Rails, we also offer you a 50% discount for Rails LTS while your application is in our care.
Free small changes
The maintenance package includes small changes to existing features at no additional cost. If you need new features, you can book additional time with a developer who is already familiar with your codebase.
Optional: Server maintenance
If you'd like us to handle more than your code, we can also maintain the Linux servers running your application. This includes security updates for OS packages, uptime monitoring and backups.

How the hand-over works

Handing over maintenance to us is a simple process:

  1. We pre-check your code
    Via screen sharing or repository invite.
  2. We talk about your specific maintenance needs
    What are the pain points, expected amount of changes, availability requirements for your application?
  3. We agree on a monthly budget
    Medium-sized projects book 2-6 days per month. Maintenance contracts start at €1500 per month.
  4. We take over maintenance
    You can now relax and focus on your core business.

If your application is in bad shape, we will recommend to do an app refurbishment before we take over maintenance.

Are you ready to focus on your business again?

We can schedule a free 30 minute assessment of your project.

Use this contact form or send an e-mail info@makandra.com. You can also reach us at +49 821 588 66 180.

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