Ruby on Rails application refurbishing


We bring your project back on track

After a few productive months a Ruby on Rails project often starts to show signs of trouble:

New changes often break existing functionality.
Implementing new features takes longer and longer.
New developers are having difficulties understanding the project.

There is a better way! In a few weeks of focused work, we can tackle these issues and vastly improve the maintainability of your Rails application.

Protect your investment

During a Rails application refurbishing we often focus on the following improvements:

Automated tests
We will implement integration tests that let a simulated browser click through the critical parts of your application. This way you will always know when a change introduces regressions.
Refactoring of problematic code
We will refactor the most fragile and complex hot spots into readable, maintainable, unit-tested code.
Review of your development process
We will show pragmatic ways to track, implement, and test new requirements for your project. By following a lean but disciplined process you can maintain high development speed as your project grows.
Easier deployment
We will automate the deployment of your application, so new versions can be released at the touch of a button. If requested, we can also audit your servers regarding security, performance and reliability.
Portrait von Patrick McKenzie
makandra are the sharpest team of Rails developers I've worked with in my career. I was very impressed how they jumped into an old, hairy codebase and were able to immediately start improving our testing and reliability, without much management from us. The business value we received was off the charts.
Patrick McKenzie
Founder of Starfighter and Appointment Reminder

Getting started

Starting a Rails application refurbishing follows a simple process:

  1. We review the source code
    Using screen sharing or access to your repository.
  2. We talk about pain points in your application
    Which feature causes frequent problems? Which parts of the code are complex and hard to change?
  3. We agree on a budget
    Medium-sized projects often run between 4 and 8 weeks.
  4. We rework your application
    We write tests, refactor code and simplify the deployment.

Is your Rails project in trouble?

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