Security for your infrastructure

Take advantage of our long years of experience with securing IoT and web applications.

Since 2009 makandra has been developing web applications and operating the underlying infrastructure. To protect internet-based applications we are operating data center components in a private cloud, in the data centers of our customers and in public IaaS clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

When designing the architecture of our systems, keeping applications and data protected is our main priority and guiding principle. Through our work on numerious client projects we have acquired the expertise to identify and protect against attack vectors on all levels.

Our services


Our team has been helping to protect networked systems for more than 10 years.

We help you analyse your situation, design and implement safety plans for internet based applications. If requested, we can also take care of operations afterwards.

Penetration testing

By connecting applications to the internet, systems are exposed to additional risks. Due to their permanent and global accessibility such systems need to be constructed with special care.

Penetration tests (pentests) are an established method to analyse the situation and stay one step ahead of potential attackers. During a pentration test experts from makandra take on the role of an attacker, assess vulnerabilities and propose solutions.

For this simulated attack we draw from our experience from many years of operating IP-based networks, servers and web applications.

We help overcome security challenges

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