Our services


Web development

Digital enterprise projects
We have the experience and technical expertise to deliver your most ambitious projects.
Digital transformation for small businesses
We help automate and support your business processes with a lightweight web application. This will improve quality and accelerate your workflows.
Product development
We turn your business idea into a finished digital product. We can help with design, implementation, and operations, so you can validate your product idea.

Ruby on Rails

Rails consulting & development
makandra has been working exclusively with Ruby on Rails since 2007. Our laser focus on one specific technology has made us a leader in this space.
Rails application refurbishing
Has your Rails project become hard to change? By refactoring code and adding tests we will get your application back on track.


User Interface Design
Our UI team focuses on the visual realization of all the elements your users face as they interact with your product.
User Experience (UX)
As experts in UX design, we analyze and optimize your target group's experience when interacting with your digital product.
UI/UX Consulting
We create and design user-friendly processes and designs that respond to the individual behavior of the respective user groups.


Hosting & operations
We actively maintain and scale your server infrastructure. We can operate your applications on our servers, on AWS, or in your own data center.
DevOps as a Service
We support development teams with infrastructure and operations know-how and build stable, secure and scalable platforms together.
Cloud services
Strategy, platform selection, migration, optimization: We advise on cloud projects on AWS, Azure and GCP.
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