A learning and career portal for pupils, students and trainees simplifies and elucidates complex study materials for free through videos. Animated and professionally crafted, these instructional videos cover exam-relevant knowledge across a vast range of subjects, from economics and physics to computer science and law.

In 2018, we started with the development of the application. Since then, traffic on the site has increased a hundredfold, establishing the platform as the market leader in Germany in the field of learning videos for pupils, students and trainees. Besides implementing the redesign of the site and the brand new job board, we have been taking care of all further developments and the stable operation of the application since the beginning.


Broadening the Platform with a Job Board

Since 2022, in addition to the learning section, a career section has been added, featuring videos on starting a career and a corresponding job board with over 100,000 job listings. Additionally, the platform now not only supports students in their job search, but also prepares them for their first steps in professional life. In addition to detailed information on a wide range of occupational fields, Studyflix offers tips and tricks on applications, resumes, cover letters and job interviews.

Moreover, the job board integrates various job interface connections for company administrators, an extensive full-text search with intelligent filtering options, location recognition, and a link to the Google Jobs API.


E-learning platform for a greater sense of achievement

Boasting over 5,220 high-quality animated videos that efficiently deliver relevant knowledge in less than five minutes, Studyflix stands as the largest e-learning platform in the German-speaking world. The result: currently over 6 million monthly users!

Reinhard Blech
makandra GmbH supported us during the relaunch of the Studyflix e-learning platform – from the joint development of the concept to the relaunch of the complete platform. This took just under three months. In addition to the fast implementation, the quality of the work was excellent and the cooperation was always based on trust. We can definitely recommend makandra!
Reinhard Blech
Managing Director
Studyflix GmbH

Level A of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Considering the importance of full accessibility, most of the application adheres to Level A of the Web and Content Accessibility Guidelines. This means that the platform was designed and implemented to be barrier-free.

In addition, the availability and security of the data managed by the application is essential for Studyflix. The entire system is operated on makandra's highly available infrastructure, which is naturally located in Germany. The system design is robustly redundant, ensuring stable operation.

makandra GmbH
Rails development & operations
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86159 Augsburg, Germany