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What is the idea behind our Design Thinking process?

As experienced design experts, we think user-centered. We create and design user-friendly processes and designs that respond to the individual behavior of the respective user groups. To do this, we dive deep into your current and potential target group. We look at your digital product from the user's perspective, moving through your website and getting as much feedback as necessary to fully understand your users' needs.

Combined with our years of experience in implementing engaging designs, we create the individual and impactful designs that are right for them. Throughout the process, we work closely with you and coordinate all results with you.

UX check & analysis

In the first step of a design process, we look at the wants and needs of your customers and the user experience on your website or digital application. To do this, we use quantitative and qualitative analysis methods that show us where we need to optimize your processes or ways of presentation.


Based on defined customer needs and your own ideas, we develop concrete requirements for your digital product and create an instructional concept for your user interface. This lays the foundation for an optimal user experience (UX).


In early phases of the design process we develop first wireframes and prototypes. These will initially be simple rough sketches and later become more and more similar to the final design. The goal is to involve end users early and iteratively in all phases of the design process and thereby create an optimal user experience.


The final step in the design process is the implementation of all design elements and layouts. Here we fine-tune all individual components with great attention to detail and develop an appealing and individual new design for your website or digital product.

Design workshop: 1 day

You are planning a new digital product or want to relaunch your website and need design specialists for this? We would be happy to offer you our expertise and experience in our 1-day design workshop and work together to develop a powerful approach for your targeted project.

We create each workshop individually and tailor it to your issue. Common topics include:

  • UX frameworks, tools and practical knowledge for user-centered design of your design project
  • Flow of a UI process from the idea to scribbles, sketches, wireframes and first prototypes to the final implementation
  • Proven structures and flowcharts of a UI/UX process suitable for you

Following the workshop, we will provide you with a detailed effort estimate with recommendations for project components, content, milestones and recommended implementation duration. Based on the workshop results, you can then continue to work with us or another agency, or implement the project on your own.

€ 1,500
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Our services in detail

Starter package Concept package Complete package Individual package
UX audit & expert review included included included on request
Competitor analysis included included included on request
UX strategy & user research included on request
User flows included on request
Information architecture included included on request
Defining modules & components included included on request
Hi-fi wireframes & prototyping included included on request
Usability testing included on request
Component design included on request
Layouting & screen design included on request
Graphics & icon design included on request
Design system & library included on request
Style guide included on request
Maintenance & evaluation included on request
€ 3,500
€ 7,500
on request on request
Starter package
  • UX audit & expert review
  • Competitor analysis
€ 3,500
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Concept package
  • UX audit & expert review
  • Competitor analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Defining modules & components
  • Hi-fi wireframes & prototyping
€ 7,500
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Complete package
  • UX audit & expert review
  • Competitor analysis
  • UX strategy & user research
  • User flows
  • Information architecture
  • Defining modules & components
  • Hi-fi wireframes & prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • Component design
  • Layouting & screen design
  • Graphics & icon design
  • Design system & library
  • Style guide
  • Maintenance & evaluation
Individual package

We will create an individual package of services for you that is specifically tailored to your needs. Let us advise you without obligation.

User Experience (UX) for a successful user approach.
User Interface Design as the basis for the best possible user experience.

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